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Managed Accounts

Managed Accounts is a limited-release feature, enabling qualifying users to create sub-accounts with advanced management features. A Managed Account is a sub-account created from within an existing Mission Control Portal account (which we call a manager account).

Managed Accounts are an intuitive way of administering multiple accounts and users from one unified interface. Managed Service Providers can use Managed Accounts to easily manage each of their individual customers while allowing them the freedom to log into their Managed Account and configure their communications.

Manager accounts have advanced control over pricing, reporting, administration, and billing functionalities of Managed Accounts:

Pricing and Reporting:

Managed Accounts inherit pricing from their manager accounts. If your organization has a committed use agreement for lower rates, your Managed Accounts will have those rates automatically. Pricing is hidden from Managed Accounts. Only the manager accounts that administer Managed Accounts are able to view pricing. Managed Accounts can generate reports on their own usage, without viewing their pricing.


Manager accounts can log into any one of their Managed Accounts via the portal to view that Managed Account's usage and balance, and configure that Managed Account's settings. Manager accounts can also create an API key associated with a Managed Account, and control the Managed Account via the Telnyx API.


Managed Accounts have their own account balances, payment methods, and invoices.


Becoming a Manager Account

To become a manager account please reach out to the Telnyx support or sales team. We must manually set your account to be a manager account. Please note that L2 verification is also required to unlock the managed accounts feature.


By default, only the organization owner of a manager account can switch into managed accounts. Subusers can switch into managed accounts if they have been granted the managed accounts permission. The permission for managed accounts is shown below.



Managed accounts have their own balance, payment methods, and invoice. For each managed account created a payment method will have to be added and an invoice will be generated at the end of each month. Billing for managed accounts does not roll up onto the manager account level.


Create a Managed Account

To create a managed account in the Portal navigate to the Managed Accounts tab in the Account section of the Portal and click the Create Managed Account button.

Note: If you do not see this tab you may not have the Managed Accounts feature enabled on your account. Please reach out to support to learn more.

Managed Account Section

Switch Into Managed Accounts

Managed accounts can be switched into via the Portal by clicking the “Log in as user” button.

The API Key from managed accounts can also be used to access managed accounts resources via the API.

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