This is the current API V1 documentation. Explore our API V2 if you’d like to test new features.

Configuration and Usage

Messaging features are configured primarily using Messaging Profiles. You can set up several messaging profiles in order to differentiate between use cases.

You can enable messaging on a phone number by assigning it to a Messaging Profile. Multiple phone numbers can be assigned to a Messaging Profile. Additional configuration, including setting webhooks, is also available using our HTTP API and an API token.

To send messages from, and retrieve message details for one of your phone numbers, use our HTTP API and authenticate using the associated Messaging Profile secret.


MDRA Message Detail Record (MDR) details information about a specific message that you sent from, or received on a Telnyx phone number.
Messaging ProfileUsed to configure messaging settings on one or more of your Telnyx messaging-enabled phone numbers.
Messaging-CapableA phone number that could be used for text messaging. If a phone number is messaging-capable, but is not messaging-enabled, first check that it is assigned to a messaging profile, and then that the profile is enabled.
Messaging-EnabledA phone number that is ready and able to send and receive messages. All messaging-enabled phone numbers are messaging-capable.
TNRefers to the messaging settings that can be configured on a per number basis.
Alphanumeric Sender IDA sender value that can be used in place of a phone number. Alphanumeric Sender IDs can only be used for outbound messages; it is not possible to receive messages on an Alphanumeric Sender ID. They are also not supported for all destinations, in which case the sender might be substituted with a different value (the specific number that shows up to the recipient can vary, and it cannot receive inbound messages). An Alphanumeric Sender ID must be 1–11 characters in length, can only contain Latin letters, numbers, and spaces, and must contain at least one letter.
WebhookAn HTTP callback used to send notifications to your server. Can be used to receive inbound text messages and also delivery status updates for outbound text messages.