Billing Groups allow users to conveniently attribute the cost of Telnyx services to internl customers or cost-centers the user is acting on behalf of.

Currently, Billing Groups can be used with SIP Trunking - Origination and Termination, Call Control - Dial and Answer commands, and Phone Numbers.

Once a user creates a Billing Group, they can associate Phone Numbers with that Billing Group, so recurring charges and Inbound SIP Trunking calls will be associated with it. To mount a specific Billing Group on an Outbound SIP Trunking call, a user can set the Billing Group attribute for the Outbound Voice Profile in use. A user can dynamically override the Billing Group ID of an outbound SIP Trunking call by setting the Billing Group in the x_billing_group_id header in the SIP INTIVE command.

Billing Groups can be viewed, used for filtering, and grouped by in Usage Reports, Detail Reports, and Invoicing sections.

Use Postman

To play around with a few examples, we recommend a REST client called Postman.

Prior to the import, Please refer to this section of Postman Documentation to configure environment and learn more about utilizing Postman for Telnyx APIs.

Simply tap the button below to start using the Telnyx Billing Groups API in seconds with a pre-made collection of examples.

Run in Postman


  • https://api.telnyx.com/v2/billing_groups
  • https://api.telnyx.com/v2/billing_groups/{id}